Yoga Cleanse Retreat Metchosin 2016

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

My next Yoga Cleanse Retreat is here!

I've offered Yoga Cleanse Retreats in places such as Costa Rica and Vancouver Island. They offer an opportunity for participants to relax and rejuvenate while at the same time going through a process of cleansing. This year a wonderful eco-therapy practitioner will be joining me too. 

These retreats involve beautiful nourishing meals and guidance from experienced practitioners. Basically when you sign up for a Yoga Cleanse Retreat you can rest assured you'll be in qualified and caring hands!

The food at a Yoga Cleanse Retreat is always wonderful and helps to lead you through a deep process of cleansing. This year you'll have the choice of 1-2 days of juicing. Now if that sounds scary - don't worry! The juices are plentiful and packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your body and mind healthy and clear.

If you're interested check out the video above. These cleansing retreats hold a special place in my heart and it truly makes it worth all the work when I hear testimonials like the ones in the video.

EARLY BIRD PRICES END MAY 1st so be sure to get in soon :)

And as always - if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.

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