Yoga Posture Basics :: Salamba Setu Bandhasana / Supported Bridge Pose

Supported bridge pose or Salamba Setu Bandhasana is a restorative posture that helps to create more length in the front of the body, the deep belly, ileopsoas muscle and chest. It helps to tone the organs in the pelvis and abdomen as well as putting gentle pressure on the lower back. In addition, it is a very gentle inversion which increases blood flow through the neck and throat.

This posture can be used to counteract fatigue and to create a sense of rejuvenation. 

As you rest in this posture allow a gentle spreading quality through the front of the body. Some gentle compression in the back is ok, but if you feel any pain in the lower back you can raise the feet higher or place the feet on the floor.

To practice this posture lay a bolster vertical on your mat with a block at the end (or a second bolster) and a blanket at the other end. Sit on the bolster and lay back so that your shoulders are on the floor, but the rest of your body is on the prop. Place your feet on the block. Make sure your head is padded but don't compress the neck by using too much height under the head. There should be a softness in the throat while at the same time a very gentle pressure or or very slight squeeze through the throat.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed :)

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