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Jennifer Raye Mindful Yin Yoga

I am so excited (and a little relieved!) to finally be able to tell you about a project I have been working on for quite some time. If you practice or already teach yin yoga you know that it has the potential to bring such calm to our otherwise fairly busy lives plus it helps us to feel more open and supple in our bodies. But perhaps you find it hard to stay consistently inspired and motivated to maintain a regular practice? Or maybe you're interested in learning more about the deeper teachings related to yin yoga? I totally love mindful yin yoga and have spent many years honing my skills teaching and practicing. I offer longer intensive trainings but not everyone can attend in person. So I created an online version of my training.

Or you can go straight to my program here:

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to teach yin yoga or you're interested in having a collection of at home practice videos and audios this program has you covered. 

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