Sphinx Pose

Yin Yoga Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose compresses the lower spine, sacrum, and the region of the kidneys and the adrenal glands. It activates the kidney meridian, and the ligaments along the spine. This is a particularly important are due to its connection with the reserve of Qi heald in this area.

Remember this can be a deep pose. If you have a history of fragility in the lower back go very slow. And if you experience any pain slowly come out of the posture. You can also experiment with engaging the inner thighs and outer buttocks to create a bit more stability and support in the body if needed or you can lower down onto your lower ribs.

To release rest on your belly and then push up with an exhale and rest back in childs pose.

Yin Yoga Seal Pose

This is a deeper back bend and may not be available for everyone. Take your time. This posture not only pressurizes the spine and kidney meridian it also helps to open up the upper chest and provides a stretch into the stomach area. This variation is also safe to practice while pregnant.

With your arms straight walk your hands back until they are a few inches in front of the shoulders. Remember to protect hyper-mobile elbows by creating a micro-bend and keep equal weight distribution on your hands and wrists. To protect the lower back you can also alternate contracting and releasing of buttocks and legs in this posture.

To release lay on belly or you can drag your foot and knee up towards the head while keeping them on the floor for a greater release. Childs pose and/or cat/cow pose is also a nice counter pose.

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