Yoga Posture Basics :: Legs up the Wall / Viparita Karani

There are many variations of Viparita Karani but in today's post, I explore a simple variation of "legs up the wall". This posture can be used in an active yoga practice, in a yin yoga practice, or in a restorative yoga practice.

Legs up the Wall // Viparita Karani

Legs up the wall is a deeply nourishing pose that is very revitalizing for the lower body and very calming for the nervous system. It can be used during your practice to slow down and create more restoration, or you can use it as a single pose after a long day on your feet!

To practice this posture, sit against a wall and swing your legs up. Let your sacrum rest on the floor and lean your buttocks up against the wall. You can bind the legs with a strap to allow for a deeper sense of relaxation through the legs. If you notice your chin popping up towards the ceiling, lengthen the back of your neck and place a small padded support under the head so that the chin is the same height as your forehead.

Rest in this pose as long as you can allowing the fluids to drain out of the legs. To exit the pose roll to one side and sit up.