Wellness Wednesday :: How to Heal and Strengthen your Digestion

This past weekend here in Canada it was Thanksgiving. I was actually in Colorado on the weekend celebrating a friends wedding which was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all that I am grateful for!

I love celebrating by taking the time to give thanks and enjoy the abundant harvest of early fall. There are so many things I love about this time of year - here in my cabin in the woods I've been enjoying stoking the wood fire stove first thing in the morning as I sit down to write, the particular color of light as it plays against the changing leaves, and the warmth of making delicious meals from a new yummy cookbook I recently found (look out for recipes coming soon!).

Autumn is an important season to establish consistency in our habits and a time to focus on nourishment. According to Chinese Medicine the late summer and the time of harvest is related to the earth element and the spleen and stomach.  

This time of year emphasizes healthy digestion in body, mind and spirit. Check out my latest video from my Wellness Wednesdays video series on how to heal and strengthen your digestion to learn more. While there are many differences in peoples situations and bodies, there are some key changes you can make in your diet, lifestyle and thinking that can make a big difference.

How to Heal your Digestion

Tell me in the comments below one thing you do to support your digestion!

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