What are the five elements in Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements

The five elements are used within the medical system of Traditional Chinese Medicine to describe cycles or patterns that exist in nature, in health, and in disease.

The five elements are five phases of a cycle and each element describes a point where energy changes direction. All elements are connected. Some elements nourish each other and some elements control each other. We can see these cycles clearly when we look at the movement of the seasons. Each element also has a related color, sound, smell, emotion and even internal organs.  

The water element is a time of rest before growth. Its movement is downward. The wood element is a time for growth and expanding out. The fire element is a time of upward movement and maximum function. The earth is neutral it is a time of balance. And the metal element is a declining state. It is a time of contraction.

Now you know a little more about the five elements! Make sure to stay tuned for more videos where I cover each of the elements.

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