Detox with Cereal Grasses

cereal grasses

Cereal Grasses

There are different kinds of cereal grasses including barley and wheat grass. They have small differences but for the most part their properties, benefits and uses are very similar so I will discuss them together.

Use it for:

  • Promoting weight loss and assisting digestion

  • Boosting immunity

  • Cleansing and detoxifying

  • Alkalizing the body and blood

  • Cleans and builds the blood


Cereal grasses contain high levels of vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron and vitamin C. They also contain small amounts of vitamin B12.

Who it's not good for:

Because the wheat grass has been sprouted it is usually not an allergen for those who are sensitive to gluten therefore making it an acceptable food for wheat sensitive people.

Because cereal grasses are considered energetically "cold" and cleansing people who tend to feel cold and have weakness and fatigue may benefit more from another green superfood such as chlorella or spirulina.  

Buy it:

Generally they are available as tablets, powder or fresh greens. If you are interested in growing it yourself there are usually ready to go trays available at health food stores that allow you to grow and harvest the fresh grass right in your kitchen - or purchase Wheat Grass here.

How to use it:

While cereal grasses are not toxic at higher doses they can be quite strong and it is generally recommended that an adult take no more than 2oz. The average dosage should be around 1oz or 1tsp of powder once a day.   

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