Yoga Posture Basics :: Childs Pose / Balasana with modifications

Childs pose (Balasana) can be used within many different style of yoga. In the video below I discuss its use in yin yoga, restorative yoga, and active forms of yoga. 

Child's pose, like all forward folds, is a very cooling and calming posture. It can calm the mind, relieve stress, stretch the spine, open the lower back and sacrum, and help to compress the lower digestive system. 

Childs pose targets the Spleen, Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians as well as the Liver meridian if the knees are wide and the Stomach meridian if there is pressure on the thighs and low belly.

The primary aim in child's pose is to bring the hips towards the heels and the head towards the floor. As you hold the posture, child's pose helps to lengthen the spinal extensors on the back, the hamstrings, the tibialis anterior (the shin area) and the tops of the feet and ankles.

Be sure to support your body with props where needed.

Variations of child's pose include opening your knees wide (activates more of the inner thighs and groin which is related to the liver channel), and bringing your hands out in front or behind. 

You can also use props under your feet, under your knees or hips, and under your head for more support. Keep your knees wide during pregnancy to provide more room for the belly to drop.

The restorative version of child's pose is done with more props so that the body is completely supported. If you're aiming for the pose to be more rejuvenative use plenty of bolsters and blankets so that you're completely supported. This version is particularly helpful to release the lower back and create a sense of safety and calm.

To come out of the pose, lift up and place the knees together. I hope you enjoyed!

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