Caterpillar Pose

Yin Yoga Caterpillar Pose

This is a straight legged forward fold. Caterpillar pose helps to lengthen the ligaments that run along the spine, activates the hamstrings, and compresses the abdomen aiding in digestion. It triggers the Bladder channel that runs along the back line of the legs and along either side of the spine.

Make sure to use some height under your hips if you have a history of sciatica. If you have a history of disc issues in your back keep your back straight instead of rounding forward. Bend your knees (still stretches low back), and place support under your knees if you have history of a hamstring injury. Feel free to round forward and drop your head to bring the opening all the way up the back of your body if you have a healthy back and neck. Otherwise straighten the back and support the neck.

If you have limitations you can always do a variation of this pose by lying on your back and placing your legs up the wall.

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