Seasonal Cycles :: Expand into Summer

According to many ancient healing systems, we can look to the seasons and the natural world to fine tune our diet and lifestyle for optimal health. Watch the video and read on to learn how to attune to the summer season:

Chinese Medicine // Ayurveda and the Summer

According to Chinese Medicine, the season of summer is related to the fire element and Heart energy. Ayurveda (the medical system of India) also tells us there is an increase in pitta or fire this time of year. Fire is the most yang element. It is connected to heightened activity, expansion, connection, and expression. 

The Heart, which is related to the element of fire, governs the spirit and circulation of blood. When the Heart is disturbed there may be anxiety, insomnia, a feeling of heat, or skin eruptions. 

During the summer you can generally eat lighter, eat more fresh foods, and cook foods for less time. Avoid alcohol and too much heavy, and oily food including nuts, meats, eggs and grains. Use only small amounts of salty and sour foods. Especially if you live somewhere hot. For example, heavy pasta with tomato sauce and a beer is off limits this time of year. This kind of meal will increase heat in your body and could lead to a feeling of stagnation, digestion problems, and maybe even skin outbreaks. 

Instead, choose more greens, salads, sprouts, fruit, cucumber, tofu, flower and leaf teas, mung beans, watermelon, apples, lemons, and drink lots of fluids. Keep a semi-cold pitcher of water with some slices of lemon or some fresh mint on hand.

If you’ve been following my suggestions in other posts about self massage using coconut oil is best this time of year.

Summer is great time to connect with others. Enjoy gatherings and being more extroverted! So wake up earlier, and be more active in the mornings (not the evenings). Eat your dinner meal earlier and use evenings as a time to relax. When fall comes around you’ll be glad you didn’t burn yourself out.

Thank you so much for watching! Let me know in the comments below one thing you like to do in the summer to stay in balance. 

Want to learn more about seasonal change? Read more about summer, and watch my videos on the fall, winter and spring.

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