Shoelace Pose

Yin Yoga Shoelace Pose

This posture creates external hip rotation, activates the hips, inner thighs and groin and the forward fold decompresses the lower spine. The channels affected are primarily the liver and gallbladder.

As you enter the pose bring your feet as far forward as they can go. Press into your hands and rock your weight back into your hips. If you have knee or back issues you may want to stay seated upright.

Remember to modify the pose to suit your body and be careful you don't put too much pressure on the knees. If you find it difficult to sit up you can use some height under your hips.  If you have space between the knees use some padding. A helpful alternative is half shoelace with the bottom leg extended or taking eye of the needle as an alternative.

To release slowly use your hands to guide the legs out and rest back on your hands.

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