Yin Yoga Posture Basics :: Saddle Pose

The yin yoga posture of saddle pose targets the sacrolumbar region, the kidneys, and the ligaments along the spine. It also stretches the hip flexors and the quadriceps.

Start by sitting back on the heels. Lean back and allow the low back to curve. Depending on the stretch created in the quads you may be able to lower closer to the floor. 

If you have a healthy lower back you can leave it unsupported but if you have a history of disc issues use a bolster beginning at sacrum to rest on. Feel free to use support behind the knees and under the ankles if needed. You can allow the knees to fall out towards the sides of the mat but be sure they are not lifting off the floor. If your neck feels safe you can drop your head back focusing on lengthening the cervical spine or keep your chin tucked into your throat.

To exit inhale and lift up and engage your abdomen. Then exhale and eventually lower to childs pose or lie on your belly.

Yin Yoga Saddle Pose

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