Yin Yoga Dragon Pose with modifications

Dragon pose is a yin yoga pose that deeply opens the hip and groin. It also helps to target the hip flexors and quads. Dragon pose may help with sciatic pain and can relieve tightness in the legs in hips. It can also be a mild backbend. When it comes to yin yoga postures, this is a more “yang” pose so be sure to go slow and use the support of props. There are many variations of this pose depending on your needs and aims.

Energetically, dragon pose targets the Stomach, Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians.

Yin Yoga Dragon Pose Variations

Place padding under the back knee or under the back shin if you experience discomfort in the back leg. Other options include tucking the toes under and lifting the back leg or pressing the back toes down. Remember to keep the feet wide - your legs don’t need to be really narrow.

Variations of dragon pose include pushing the front knee forward to stretch the ankle and achilles tendon, or raising the hands up on the front thigh. You can also lower down towards the floor onto the forearms blocks or a bolster for a deeper stretch. To deepen the external rotation of the hip bring the front foot out on an angle and rock onto the outer edge of the foot (keep the foot flexed).

Deeper variations include moving towards splits posture.

To come out of the posture step back and take child’s pose or cat cow.

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