Yin Yoga Posture Childs pose with twist with modifications

The yin yoga posture of child’s pose with a twist is similar to a regular child’s pose except you twist the spine and bring your bottom shoulder toward the opposite knee as you lower to the floor. Be sure to watch the video on the regular child’s pose to learn about the basic setup.

Child’s pose with a twist opens the inner leg and adductors, puts pressure on the lower abdomen, and through the twisting movement compresses the spine, and opens the upper chest.

Energetically, child’s pose with a twist targets the Liver, Spleen, and Kidney meridians through the inner leg and the Gall Bladder meridian through the outer hip. If you choose to release your opposite hand and drape it behind you, the Lung, Heart and Large Intestine meridians are also activated. The Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians are activated through the folding forward and the Stomach meridian is targeted through the twisting.

To practice child’s pose with a twist fold forward and thread one arm under you. Pull your bottom shoulder over and twist your spine. You could reach your arm back behind you or you could press it into the floor. Practice both sides.

Yin Yoga Childs Pose with Twist variations

If you have limitations in your hips and knees you can use a bolster under you as you fold forward or place a folded blanket behind your knees. You can also use support under your chest or head to relieve some of the pressure in this pose.

If the tops of your feet or ankles are sensitive place a rolled blanket under them to provide more comfort.

To release the posture press your way back to a neutral child’s pose and take a close knee child’s pose for a moment. You can also place your legs and feet out in front of you to release the backs of the knees and hips.

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