Yoga Posture Basics : Reclined Bound Angle / Supported Butterfly Pose

This posture is a wonderful pose to integrate into your practice due to its restorative and restful effect on the body. Take your time to set it up, and enjoy!

Reclined bound angle posture (supported butterfly pose) helps to open the chest, lungs, heart, abdomen, and pelvis. Its one of the best postures we have for women during the menstrual cycle and helps to alleviate the effects of stress on the body.

Because this pose helps to open the space of the lung and heart cavity, reproductive organs, and lower digestive system, it's especially helpful for menstrual irregularities, breathing and digestive problems.

This restorative yoga posture also gently tonifies the inner leg and pelvic floor. When the bolster is under the body, it encourages the low back to draw into the body gently supporting the natural lumbar curve and supporting Kidney Qi.

To set up this posture, place a bolster vertically on your mat with a blanket at the end. Use a strap to bind your legs and prop under your knees and arms. As you lower yourself onto the bolster, support the head with a thin padding under the neck, move the upper buttock muscles down and widen the belly. If the bolster is too high you could use a folded blanket instead. 

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