Spring and Summer Sprouts


Sprouts represent the most vibrant life a plant has to offer. When a seed is sprouting the vitamin and enzyme content is greatly increased.

Sprouts help to ease stagnant Liver Qi according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and are cooling in nature (which can be counteracted through cooking the sprouts). Therefore, sprouts can be eaten more in the spring and summer.  

How to Sprout:

Sprouts are super easy to make at home. Follow the instructions below to learn more:

  • Cover the seeds completely with water in a wide mouth jar - one part seed to a least 3 parts water.

  • Cover the jar with cheesecloth secured by a rubber band.

  • Soak seeds for specified time below

  • After the soaking time drain and keep seeds in a warm environment.

  • Rinse twice a day (except soy which needs to be rinsed 4 times a day).

  • Keep jars tilted downward so that they can drain completely

  • Continue to rinse until sprouts are ready.

  • If sprouting alfalfa - after 3 days place in a cool place with indirect sunlight. Alfalfa hulls need to be removed as they start to slough off.

  • Remove all loose hulls off other sprouts to prevent easy rotting.

General guidelines for sprouting:

Seed                                                                 Soak Time     Days 

1/2 cup lentils                                                   8 hours        3 days

1 cup aduki, garbanzo, soy, legumes, grains   12 hours      3-5 days

1/2 cup mung beans                                         8 hours      3-5 days

2 tablespoons alfalfa                                         6 hours     5-6 days

2 cups sunflower seeds                                    12 hours     2 days

Enjoy your sprouting! Wishing you all the best,