Yin Yoga Butterfly Pose with modifications

Butterfly pose is one of the most accessible forward folds in the yin yoga practice. It's a great pose to open up space in the back, hips, and adductors (inner leg). And it targets the Gall Bladder, Kidney, Liver, and Urinary Bladder meridians in the Chinese system.

It's a great low back stretch for people who are sometimes limited in other forward folds due to tight hamstrings and its an option during pregnancy due to the space it provides the belly. 

Yin Yoga Butterfly Pose

Remember to elevate the hips if you don't have a anterior (forward) tilt in the pelvis, if you experience sciatica, or you have a history of disc or SI joint issues. You may also want to support under your legs if you have pain or limitations in the knees.

If you experience pain in the upright pose or you're avoiding forward folding you can take lying butterfly on your back with the legs and feet in the same position or against the wall. This is especially helpful for people who are avoiding forward folding due to disc issues in the lower back.

To release the pose, inhale as you come up, extend your legs out in front of you and rest back on your hands or take a windshield wiper like action with your legs and knees.

You can also check out half butterfly pose here.

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