"I had some initial concerns about my blood sugar dropping and dizziness but I would absolutely recommend this retreat. Jenn's instruction and guidance through the fasting and integrations of yoga and mindfulness are skillful and rhythmically orchestrated. It's been a beautiful experience. I've gained a lot of clarity about not only supporting my body but also how my life habits can greatly impact my vitality." 
~ Tammy Miles
"This was my second year and I didn't have any hesitations. I love the nutritional juices combined with the supportive yoga practice and a safe space to slow down and practice mindfulness. Learning how nutrition can further support my health and how to make lasting changes is helpful too. I've already recommended this retreat!"
~ Rebecca Lumley
“I really appreciated how the yoga sessions complimented and supported the cleanse/juicing fast. Jenn’s knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine went into the yoga class structure and working specific organ systems really deepened my experience. My body feels clearer and lighter. And I feel supported in healing my digestive system. I would recommend this retreat. It’s been a great opportunity and beautifully supported by nourishing juices and yoga practice that was healing, challenging and restorative in an extraordinary, beautiful west cost environment.”
~ Sarah


"I hesitated because I was unsure about my bodies reaction and not wanting to feel sick. I wasn't sure about juice and what to expect. It was all fabulous - thank you for the care and attention to alignment and the beautiful yoga series. I loved all of the practices. My stomach feels clean, my mind feels relaxed, renewed and recharged and my spirit is singing! I would recommend this retreat. Its a beautiful celebration of self and a reminder of nurturing ourselves in many facets of life."
~ Candice Baytaluke
"I was concerned about the cleanse because I had never participated in one before. But it was very good and I found it refreshing. The juices made it easy to go without solid food and the accommodations were good.  I would recommend this retreat because it would be beneficial for people to step back and evaluate several aspects of their lives. " 
~ Mike Olson
"I was excited to attend a yoga retreat (my first!) combined with a juice cleanse (my first!) in a setting by the ocea. The yoga sessions were wonderful! I also loved the discussions about cleansing and nutrition led by Jen. She has a lovely, gentle approach to teaching. I felt safe, well-looked after and inspired. The nature connection activity was also a great way to feel the unity between humans and our environment. I feel terrific. My digestive problems are gone I feel full and healthy and physically open and well rested. I would totally recommend this retreat. I think everyone would benefit from taking some time away to rethink bad habits, rest and re-charge. I would not change a thing. It was perfect!" 
~ Debbie Olson
“My only hesitation was the two days of juice cleansing because I wasn’t sure how my body would respond. But now I feel cleaner, and healthier; both physically and mentally. And more resilient to meet the needs of everyday life. I loved the whole energy of the retreat. I had lots of space to explore my inner self on my own, and having the guidance and support through the yoga and meditation talks really helped me get through. I would recommend this retreat. It’s a great way for anyone new to juice cleansing to be introduced to it because it is so contained and supported. The support from the facilitators was amazing. I felt very nurtured and nourished. “
~ Leanne Eriksen


"I had never done yoga before and have not been very active for the last two years. I specifically liked the yoga, the calmness and the cleansing. I now feel calm, more flexible, more grounded and healthier. Jennifer - I think you're amazing and a very good teacher. The juices and soups were great too!!"
~ Angela Brownell
“I’m not really a yogi, have never done a cleanse, and was terrified of being without caffeine, and cigarettes. And now I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated, and grateful. I caught up on like a years worth of sleep and my acne cleared up. And I went without caffeine and cigarettes for literally the longest in decades. I specifically liked the grounds, the pool, the loose schedule, the juices, and Jen’s calming, non-judgemental and personalized teaching style. I would recommend this retreat to anyone, anywhere, that needs a break from stress and a chance to work on self care and healing. Thank you for giving me this experience that I will treasure and build on.”  
~ Samantha Turner
“My only hesitation about attending was being physically capable. But now my knee has significantly improved and I have an increased awareness of my body. I specifically liked the yin yoga - Jenn you are an amazing instructor! I would recommend this retreat. It’s an opportunity to explore yourself deeper both physically and spiritually. “
~ Linda K


“In the past fasting has been impossible due to migraine headaches. I was nervous that would happen but it didn’t! I specifically liked the combo of gentle yoga with the juicing. A couple of times I felt headaches coming on and they would disappear after the yin yoga practice. I feel extremely nourished and alive in my body, and clearer in my head. I would absolutely recommend this retreat as a great cleanse for body, mind and soul.”
~ Kira MacDuffee
"I specifically enjoyed the knowledge that Jen shared through yoga, cleansing, Chinese medicine and meditation. The retreat helped me to slow down and connect with myself and the cleanse was amazing! I feel so much lighter and the world is clearer. I really appreciated the guidance through the cleansing as this was new for me. I would recommend this retreat - taking the time to hosznor oneself through juicing, yoga, meditation, and connection with nature is blissful!"
~ Heather Sandquist
"I specifically liked the integrative nature of the yoga practice, the structural integration and subtle body work, the challenging bits and the restorative bits! I've found this retreat to really target healing in my body - alignment, strength, flexibility issues I hadn't realized were so present. And I've had the chance to yoke my mind a bit :) I would absolutely recommend this retreat! For the intelligence of the practice, the terrific skillfulness of the teachers and the neat fusion of traditions."
~ Alysha Jones


“I hesitated because I had a less dedicated yoga practice and no meditation practice but it was like riding a bike! The retreat helped me to re-connect with my practice and my desire to teach. I specifically liked the yoga classes and meditation. They were very supportive for the cleansing. I would recommend this retreat for healing and a serious time out. Thank you Jenn - you are an amazing teacher and healer.”
~ Jen Kirk
“The yoga was amazing. I feel more grounded and the retreat helped me tune into myself. I would recommend this retreat. It is a good reminder to check in and connect with oneself.”
~ Samantha Letourneau
“I really liked the yoga, Jenn is an amazing instructor. I benefitted from the yoga practice, the cleanse and the instructions. Plus the absolute enjoyment of the natural surroundings. I would recommend this retreat”
~ Sabine Kirk


"I liked that there were not too many people and not too few allowing for new friendships to form and a support network while we are all experiencing similar things. Its the first time in a long time I don't feel bloated. I have increased self confidence and inner peace. I would recommend this retreat. It allows for the guidance of personal healing that is so essential to our life! Thank you for believing in me and supporting me through this process" 
~ Christine Bater
"Attending the Yoga Cleanse Retreat was a real eye opener for me. I am a novice yoga student and the fear of not knowing what to expect during the weekend was a real issue for me. Happily, the retreat was a wonderful surprise. Everything was well organized and the staff was great answering all our questions and keeping us well informed.

I found the yoga classes adaptable to all levels and ages plus the juices were so delicious! As an added bonus, I met many interesting people of various, assorted backgrounds. I highly recommend Jennifer’s retreats to anyone who is interested in a peaceful time out while pursuing their quest for vibrant health!"
~ Camille Peachman


"I specifically liked the yin yoga combined with the juicing - the integrated approach to cleansing. It helped me to find my ground again and come back into my body. I would greatly recommend this retreat. Its nice to remove yourself from daily stresses and find a safe space to restore, reconfigure the mind and detox the body. THANK YOU"
~ Jenny Dean
"I feel lighter body-wise and emotionally - wise! I would recoemmend this retreat! The food/juice was excellent, the accomodation very satisfactory and the environment/location of the retreat truly beautiful, warm and inviting. Jenn is a wonderful and compassionate facilitator. "
~ Janene Preston
"I specifically liked the food, Jennifer's teachings and Alysha's nature talk. I feel reset and empowered to make good choices. I would recmmend this retreat. I think everybody could benefit from cleansing." 
~ Mason Stubel
"I loved all of the yoga, it was so effective. I loved the nature workshop and the nutrition info from Jenn. I feel empowered, light and energetic and I feel like I have a new starting point. I would very much recommend this retreat. Jenn you make it so accessible to everyone. I will be back!"
~ Dawn Meier
"I enjoyed all of the yoga classes and all of the food! I have learned more about juicing and cleansing and to slow down and enjoy nature and be present. Yes! I would recommend this retreat. It's a great way to take time out of your busy life to recharge and reset in the comfort of a sangha. Jennifer is an amazing teacher of yoga and learning to be present!"
~ Rebecca
"I specifically liked the cleanse and the yin yoga. They both really were a wonderful new experience. I benefitted greatly from the retreat. My body feels nice and detoxed along with a new appreciation for the yin style of yoga. I believe this retreat would benefit a good number of people I know. Thanks for everything. I really enjoyed the experience! "
~ Ryan McHugh
"I was hesitant about not having coffee for 3 days. I specifically liked the yin yoga and the juicing. My stomach thanks you. I am more centered and grounded. I loved Jennifer's presence and loved the juices. I would recommend this retreat. "
~ Linda F
"The morning and evening yoga practice was amazing. The location and setting were lovely next to the ocean. I have had the opportunity to relax and unwind from my day to day life. To connect to myself and others while recharging my yoga practice.Jennifer is so welcoming and supportive and skilled. Thank you so much for this opportunity and a fabulous weekend!"
~ Libby Cook
“I was a little worried about my blood sugars but it was all good. I had the realization that I can do a fast (and survive) and feel good. I also loved all the yoga. I have a sense of wellness and I’m excited to re-start and incorporate some of what I have learned right away. I believe anyone can benefit from this retreat because the staff have such a passion for what they do. It made the entire process understandable and real. It allowed me to attain a goal I didn’t know I could. Looking forward to doing more retreats to help me stay grounded and centred.”