An Exploration of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Eastern Energetics

For Yoga Teachers and Yoga Practitioners

Jennifer skillfully weaves together the timeless teachings of several ancient traditions, to offer us refuge from a modern world that often leaves our body/mind/spirit fragmented and stressed. More than yoga, more than mindfulness – we receive a practice of wholeness and the gift of transformative healing. With feeling heart and beautiful presence, Jennifer creates a space within which we experience kindness, reconnection, stillness and joy. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to practice with her, and hope to do so again soon. Can’t wait! Wholeheartedly recommended.
— Yong Oh, Licensed acupuncturist, Tennessee, USA


Each module stands alone as a complete course. Take just one module or continue your learning by taking all modules.


Yin yoga has gained a massive amount of popularity over the last few years. Unfortunately, its not always taught and practiced with a solid understanding of yin yoga theory and how to apply yin yoga in a way that is safe and therapeutic. 

Jennifer's unique teaching approach blends her deep and extensive background in not only yoga and Buddhist mindfulness, but also her in-depth study of therapeutic movement, anatomy, and Chinese Medicine. This blend results in a study of yin yoga that is not dogmatic and instead aims to address the individual needs of students leading to a deeply transformative and healing practice. Jennifer teaches yin yoga teacher training nationally and internationally and has been teaching yin yoga for nearly a decade.

This immersion is designed for yoga teachers and yoga students who would like to deepen their understanding of the practice and instruction of Yin Yoga. We will explore through physical practice, visual and written material and group discussion:

  • Yin Yoga theory and its benefits
  • Coverage of Yin postures & modifications for all levels including variations for injuries and limitations
  • Mindfulness meditation and Heart practices to support the yin practice
  • Anatomy specific to yin yoga
  • Exploration of the breath and associated breathing practices
  • Yin Yoga sequencing
  • How to use props in yin yoga
  • Locations of the meridians and acupressure points that can be used during practice or teaching
  • Chinese Medicine theory 
  • Teaching Yoga with integrity
  • Multiple experiential practice sessions

Open to all students. This immersion comes with a manual and is considered yin yoga teacher training for Yoga Alliance credit.

Chinese Medicine and Mindful Yoga (Module 2)

In this immersion, we will explore and apply the foundational concepts and philosophy of Chinese Medicine within the context of our yoga practice or yoga teaching.

This immersion comes with a manual. You will learn through physical practice, visual and written material and group discussion:

  • How to apply five-element, yin yang, Qi, blood, and essence theory 
  • How to tailor yoga practice based on seasonal attunement, personal constitution, and health concerns
  • The location of the major meridians and how to locate important acupressure points
  • How the organ systems work according to Chinese Medicine
  • Emotional and psychological themes related to the organs, the elements, and the seasons
  • Easy to use self-diagnostic techniques
  • Causes of disease and common patterns of disharmony according to Chinese Medicine 
  • How to sequence yoga classes based on Chinese Medicine principles and goals

This immersion includes a manual and a mix of movement practices, lecture, discussion, hands-on work, and reading. Daily asana, meditation, and breath practices will integrate the Chinese Medicine principles including a focus on how your yoga asana practice can be created to suit your own or your student's individual needs and health concerns. 

Open to all yoga students. This immersion is considered teacher training for Yoga Alliance credit.



 yoga retreat

Jennifer has been offering various forms of healing work since 2003. She has her Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has completed over 3000 hours of advanced yoga teacher training. Her offerings include acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, yoga therapy, and mindfulness meditation instruction. Her teachers include Tias and Surya Little, Sarah Powers and Buddhist teachers Thanissara and Kittisaro.

With over a decade of serious training, practice, and teaching within the natural health, yoga, and Buddhist mindfulness communities Jennifer brings a depth of knowledge, presence and dedication to her students and classes rarely found. She currently teaches in a variety of contexts including Pacific Rim College of Integrative Medicine, international retreats, and various advanced yoga teacher trainings.

Jenn loves working with clients and students who are ready to take their practice and life to the next level. Those who work with Jennifer appreciate the warm container she provides which allows one to dive deeply into physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


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Before signing up I questioned whether the training would be different enough from other yin training I did. But I appreciated so many aspects... I now have an enhanced knowledge around the poses, and I have a broader context for yoga, mindfulness, and transformation. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer’s training. Her depth and breadth has transformed my understanding and will support me in taking my teaching to a new level. I loved it.
— Mona Campbell, Yoga Teacher, Calgary, Canada

Not being a yoga teacher, and not wanting to become one, I wasn’t sure if this training was for me. But I would absolutely recommend this training! Jennifer is professional and very clear in all the fields she brings in and how she teaches them. I especially liked the yin yang sequences with Jennifer’s solid background in vipassana and Chinese Medicine.
— Beatrice Knechtle, Mindfulness based psychotherapist, Dharma teacher, St.Gallen, Switzerland

The structure of the training was spot on. It had a nice balance between theory, practice and self-exploration. I really appreciated the time made for discussions as well. I benefitted immensley from the training. I came here expecting only to learn yin yoga postures and sequences - but it was much more than this. I’ve gained knowledge related to meridians, anatomy, Chinese Medicine, and reflexology.
I would definitely recommend this training. It is very practical yet has enough content to give you foundational background knowledge as well as an opportunity to practice your teaching skills. Thank you to Jennifer for being so generous in sharing so much of her vast knowledge, insights and skill.
— Baiju Dharmalingam, Johannesburg, South Africa

Jennifer is a natural teacher; she has a lovely manner and changes the pace and energy of the sessions with great precision, knowing exactly when to bring things down and when to ramp it up. Her knowledge and experience are obvious. She is calm, assured, and always in command of the experience, yet open to allowing it to move in a different direction if it adds value.

Immediate benefits include a deeper sensing into my body and feeling much more relaxed and softer - physically and emotionally. I specifically liked the sequences, learning the modifications, and the discussions about the elements. It was very interesting to see how the Chinese school of thought compliments that of Ayurveda.
— Piera Abbot, Cape Town, South Africa

I now have a broader understanding of yin yoga and its place in the yoga family. I have a deeper understanding of the poses and how they fit into the meridian system. I would recommend Jennifer’s trainings. She is a thorough, knowledgeable and sensitive teacher. She creates a safe and serious environment for learning and practicing.
— Karla Benson, Victoria BC

I specifically liked the combination of mindfulness and yin yoga practice and Jennifer’s big know-how of Chinese medicine. I gained a lot of inspiration on how to practice yoga and how to teach it. I would recommend this training. Jennifer is such a wonderful person and teacher and she gives students such a good feling. Thank you for coming to Switzerland! Maybe you could come back for an advanvced training?
— Thomas, St.Gallen, Switzerland

I hesitated attending because I am not a yoga teacher but the pre-reading helped calm my concerns. Yoga is so much more than doing a pose correctly! I now have deeper insight into myself. I would recommend Jennifer’s training. She has a wonderful teaching presence - she exudes loving kindness with her voice. Her depth of knowledge is evident with which she explains/discusses concepts.
— Linda Kirchner, Water Valley AB

Being Christian, I was worried about the Buddhist “slant” to the course - but it turned out this was unfounded. I loved Jennifer’s soft, gentle but firm style of teaching. Her deep knowledge is obvious as is her passion. I spefically liked the physical classes and the detailed teaching of the modifications was excellent. I feel I have gained the confidence to institute a regular yin practice into my personal practice as well as to start teaching this discipline.
— Kim Blair, Johannesburg, South Africa

Jennifer is an authentic, intelligent and skillful teacher. Her passion for what she does is very evident.
— Callie Stevens, Victoria, BC

I specifically liked the TCM/acupuncture points and meridians within the yin postures. I would definitely recommend this training. Teachers and students learn a lot from Jennifer’s awesome (theoretical and practical) experience. Thank you!
— Sandra, yoga teacher, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Jenn is very knowledgeable. She always put answers in the context of teaching which was appreciated. She acts as a great translator taking Chinese Medicine and putting it into words that make sense for a western yogi in a way that is immediately transferable to class design.
— Michele Deakin, Calgary, Alberta

My hesitation in signing up was the financial investment, but that fell away quickly and it was definitely worth it. The wya Jennifer explained the 5 elements and the meridians made it very accessible to understand and remember. This felt like a safe and gentle space for me to rekindle my love for yoga and the haven of my mat. I loved the pace of the course, it was manageable and enriching.
— Imogen Clarke, Cape Town, South Africa

I enjoyed the flow of sessions and the energy and presence Jennifer shared with the group. I always felt comfortable to ask any questions/clarifications. This training has allowed me to honour my needs and take some time and space to explore my body, mind and heart. I would recommened this training. It is a quality yin training that is enriched with so many other practices all beautifully melted together. Thank you Jenn for this deeply moving experience.
— Angele Verrier, Victoria BC, Canada


How long is the training?

Depending on the needs of the group or studio, trainings are either 20, 30, or 35 hours. Trainings are spread out over the course of 1-2 weekends.

What is yin yoga?

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga practice that activates the connective tissues of the body in order to open restrictions physically and energetically. Using passive longer held postures the tissues of the body become more flexible and the energetic channels open. Read more about yin yoga on the blog.

How can I host Jennifer for a training at my studio?

We would be happy to discuss whether the Mindful Yin Yoga Intensives are a good fit for your studio and community. Please contact with your inquiry and we will respond as soon as we can.

I have learned so much more about yin yoga and mindfulness and have opened to deepening my practice. I would highly recommend the training. It was clear, interesting and intelligently run. Jennifer is a fantastic teacher.
— Astrid Starke

I now have the tools to significantly deepen my personal yin practice and eventually offer more and more of this healing practice to my friends, family and students. The location was also wonderful, and a great naturally lit space. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer’s trainings. She is a wealth of knowledge and it’s presented in an organized, professional package. A big thank you to Jenn for sharing her passion with us!
— Heidi Fox Lange, Yoga Teacher, Victoria BC

Jennifer is an excellent guide. I would recommend this training for anyone looking for depth, to develop a home practice and to learn more about yoga. I enjoyed going over the postures, detailed modifications and an exploration of the energetic channels. Jennifer just has such a great depth of knowledge. She is wonderful to learn from, an excellent teacher and a great presence. I feel like the training needed to be one more weekend! I would love to continue learning
— Corey Vautour

Jennifer is very good at explaining the topics that she covers. She’s very easy to understand and she’s very good at offering support. She’s very open and accepting of everyone. I found the training very inspiring and very motivational.
— Shawna Polsfut, Yoga Teacher, Calgary AB

I specifically liked going through the mindful meditations and dealing with anxiety and uneasiness within myself. I learned more about myself and some areas of focus for my teaching. I’m feeling more confident in what I’m instructing. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer’s training. She is knowledgeable on may levels. Her insight into the body and mind and understanding of the meridians and Chinese Medicine complement her training well. Wonderful 2 weeks!
— Kara Gisler, Calgary AB

I am not a yoga teacher so I was concerned that my lack of knowledge would hinder my ability to keep up. But I would absolutely recommend this training! She is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and very flexible working with many different learning styles. I really loved the balance between practice and theory. I feel very satisfied with the knowledge provided.
— Kayla Lakusta, Registered acupuncturist, BA Psychology

I was hesitant to expose my feelings to strangers before signing up but I specifically liked the dyads. I have more clarity, I’m more aware of whats going on inside me, and I’m more aware of what’s been blocking me from being free. I would recommend this retreat. It is amazing and the possibilities are endless.
— Amy Elrose

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