Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training.

The yoga I teach is therapeutic in nature, alignment focused, and based on the individual needs of students.

So much more than exercise; I offer the physical asana (postures) interwoven with deeper spiritual, philosophical, and energetic teachings. I use deliberate and intelligent sequencing, props (such as blankets and straps), and draw on my experience, and long term study, of a variety of traditions including movement therapeutics, anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, spiritual psychology, and Theravadin Buddhism.

In my classes students consistently find greater capacity, less pain in their bodies, and a new level in the postures.

My intention is to create a safe and warm space where depth in practice is encouraged. My students appreciate the warm and welcoming container I provide which allows one to dive more fully into the deep experience yoga and meditation provides.

Event/Class Schedule:

Thursdays Nov.30th, Dec.7th, Dec.14th, Dec.21st, Dec.28th 2017

5 Session'Therapeutic Alignment Yoga' with Jennifer

(2186 Oak Bay Avenue), Victoria BC

All classes run 5:30-7:30pm ** If you miss a class you can make it up in the next series **

These classes are designed to be a well rounded approach to yoga. Some gentle joint opening movements, some standing alignment poses, and some restorative and restful practices to finish it off. Class is very appropriate for beginner yoga students as well as more seasoned practitioners. If you want to practice in a small group, spend more time with the poses, or you feel you would benefit from one on one attention these classes are for you. Meditation and various breathing techniques are introduced during class and there is also the opportunity to ask questions and address issues and injuries specific to your body. The class involves lots of hands on and manual adjustments that lead to greater ease and space in the body.

COST: $80 for 5 weeks (10 hours of instruction) 


Dec.1st-3rd 2017 - SOLD OUT

Yin Yoga - Ajna Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer Raye

Victoria, BC, Canada

REGISTER: with Ajna Yoga

January 2nd-10th 2018

Orcas Island Yoga Immersion

Orcas Mandala, Orcas Island, Washington

REGISTER: Orcas Mandala Studio

Jan.19th - 21st 2018

Eastern Medicine and Mindful Yoga (Module 2)

Yoghalada - St. Gallen, Switzerland

In this immersion, we will explore and apply the foundational concepts and philosophy of Chinese Medicine within the context of our yoga practice or yoga teaching.

During our time together you will learn:

  • How to apply five-element, yin yang, Qi, blood, and essence theory 
  • How to tailor yoga practice based on seasonal attunement, personal constitution, and health concerns
  • The location of the major meridians and how to locate important acupressure points
  • How the organ systems work according to Chinese Medicine
  • Emotional and psychological themes related to the organs, the elements, and the seasons
  • Easy to use self-diagnostic techniques
  • Causes of disease and common patterns of disharmony according to Chinese Medicine 
  • How to sequence yoga classes based on Chinese Medicine principles and goals

This immersion includes a manual and a mix of movement practices, lecture, discussion, hands-on work, and reading. Daily asana, meditation, and breath practices will integrate the Chinese Medicine principles including a focus on how your yoga asana practice can be created to suit your own or your student's individual needs and health concerns. 

This immersion is open to all yoga students and is considered teacher training for Yoga Alliance credit. (There are no prerequistes for this module)

REGISTER: with Yoghalada

Feb.25th 2018

Day Retreat with Jennifer

Roundhouse farmVictoria BC   

**single class $30+tax, full session (2 classes) $50+tax

Practice with Jennifer at the beautiful Roundhouse Farm. These 2.5 hour classes allow for skillful sequencing and an immersion that is not possible in shorter classes. Class size is small and students receive individual attention. Each class involves a short talk and a movement practice. Take both sessions or just one. Each session is appropriate for all levels including seasoned practitioners and those who have limited mobility and/or flexibility. 

9:30am - 12pm  ~ The Gateway of the Shoulders, Jaw, and Neck -- The shoulders, upper chest, jaw, and neck are incredibly important when it comes to breath capacity and circulation of Prana or energy. Unfortunately, many people discover tension and holding in this area due computer use, bad posture, held grief, and other factors. This class will help to unwind tension leading to a new relationship with the jaw and neck and greater freedom from strain in the yoga postures. The class begins with a series of therapeutic movements done on the floor designed to create structural integration and somatic awareness. It then slowly and deliberately leads to standing poses and finishes with breath work or pranayama.

1pm - 3:30pm ~ Nourish the Senses and Access the Cranium -- The ancient yogis considered the sense doors of sight and sound portals into the cranium, and the mystical realms of the pituitary and pineal gland. Through using meditation techniques, yin yoga, and restorative yoga, our afternoon session will be very supportive and gentle as we explore the energetics of the cranium. 


May 4th-6th 2018

Mindful Yin Yoga Intensive (Module 1)

Yoga Life Studios, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This intensive is designed for yoga teachers and yoga students who would like to deepen their understanding of the practice and instruction of Yin Yoga. This intensive comes with a manual and is considered teacher training for Yoga Alliance credit. Read more here.

REGISTER: Yoga Life Edmonton

June 1st-3rd 2018

Mindful Yoga and Meditation Weekend Retreat - details TBA

Salt Spring Island, BC Canada