Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training.

The yoga I teach is therapeutic in nature, alignment focused, and based on the individual needs of students.

So much more than exercise; I offer the physical asana (postures) interwoven with deeper spiritual, philosophical, and energetic teachings. I use deliberate and intelligent sequencing, props (such as blankets and straps), and draw on my experience, and long term study, of a variety of traditions including movement therapeutics, anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, spiritual psychology, and Theravadin Buddhism.

In my classes students consistently find greater capacity, less pain in their bodies, and a new level in the postures.

My intention is to create a safe and warm space where depth in practice is encouraged. My students appreciate the warm and welcoming container I provide which allows one to dive more fully into the deep experience yoga and meditation provides.

Event/Class Schedule:

Oct/Nov. 'Therapeutic Alignment Yoga' with Jennifer

(2186 Oak Bay Avenue), Victoria BC

All classes run 5:30-7:30pm ** Mix and Match any dates that work for you **

Thursdays Oct.12th, Oct.19th, Oct.26th, Nov.2nd

Fridays Oct.13th, Oct.20th, Oct.27th

These classes are designed to be a well rounded approach to yoga. Some gentle joint opening movements, some standing alignment poses, and some restorative and restful practices to finish it off. Class is very appropriate for beginner yoga students as well as more seasoned practitioners. If you want to practice in a small group, spend more time with the poses, or you feel you would benefit from one on one attention these classes are for you. Meditation and various breathing techniques are introduced during class and there is also the opportunity to ask questions and address issues and injuries specific to your body. The class involves lots of hands on and manual adjustments that lead to greater ease and space in the body.

COST: 3 Classes = $55, 4 classes = $65,  7 Classes = $110

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Oct.21st 2017

Day Retreat with Jennifer

Roundhouse farm (formerly Sleeping Dog Farm), Victoria BC   

**single class $30+tax, full session (2 classes) $50+tax

Practice with Jennifer at the beautiful Roundhouse Farm. These 2.5 hour classes allow for skillful sequencing and an immersion that is not possible in shorter classes. Class size is small and students receive individual attention. Each class involves a short talk and a movement practice. Take both sessions or just one. Each session is appropriate for all levels including seasoned practitioners and those who have limited mobility and/or flexibility. 

9:30am - 12pm  ~ Pelvis Potential -- This class explores one of the most the central and beautiful structures of the body - the pelvis. Class begins with a series of therapeutic movements done on the floor designed to create structural integration and somatic awareness. The class then slowly and deliberately leads to standing poses that help to unwind movement in the pelvis leading to greater freedom in the spine. We'll explore how tapping into our "pelvis potential" gives us access to our deep energy centers related to physical stamina, resilience and reproductive health.

1pm - 3:30pm ~ Autumn: Nourish Yin -- The autumn is a time when the leaves lose their leaves and we naturally turn more inward. Our afternoon session will be very supportive and gentle. We will explore the yin fluids of the body using sliding gliding motions on the floor and a series of yin yoga and restorative yoga postures. There will also be the opportunity to discuss some simple diet and lifestyle changes we can ake to come into harmony with the season.  

Please register by emailing and specify whether you are signing up for one or both sessions

Nov.10th-15th 2017

Yoga Immersion: Letting Go Into Autumn

Orcas Island, Washington

9:00am - 10:30am

In five element theory, the months of fall are related to the metal element and are considered a time of surrender. The trees let go as they lose their leaves and the days become shorter.  Fall is a time of transition. It is a time when "vata" is more predominant, which can cause feelings of unsteadiness or anxiety. Because of this, practices that help us to find stability, grounding, and resilience support us in finding harmony this time of year. Through yoga asana, inquiry work, and meditation, this Immersion will help us attune to the season and help us to embody and honor the energetic qualities of the fall.

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5 Session'Therapeutic Alignment Yoga' with Jennifer

Thursdays Nov.30th, Dec.7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 2017 -- 5:30-7:30pm

Victoria, BC

COST: $80 for 5 weeks (10 hours of instruction) 

email to register

Jan.18th - 21st 2018 - (save the date - details coming soon)

Eastern Medicine and Mindful Yoga with Jennifer

Yoghalada - St. Gallen - Switzerland

Feb.9th-11th 2018

Yin Yoga - Mindful Yin Yoga Intensive with Jennifer Raye

Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Mar.30th-April 2nd 2018

South Africa Retreat

Details TBA

April 2018 (details TBA)

Yoga Cleanse Retreat Metchosin - Victoria, BC

Go through a process of cleansing and renewal guided by Jennifer Raye. The retreat involves one full day of juice cleansing and beautiful nourishing meals to transition between the juicing. Retreat days are complemented with daily mindful yoga and meditation, breath work, and classes related to holistic nutrition, cleansing, and mindfulness in nature. More info and to register go here.

May 4th-6th 2018

Mindful Yin Yoga Intensive with Jennifer Raye

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada