By now we all know that healthy eating is a big part of coming back into balance and living a more healthy life. But...with all the holistic nutrition advice out there it can be more than a little confusing. The thing is - we can over complicate a simple topic. We have the ability to connect with our inner knowing when the drive to nourish ourselves arises. Equipped with a few tools and some basic knowledge we can redefine our relationship with food while maintaining a diet that supports us in a very deep way.

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Whole Foods

In holistic nutrition we choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. If you just make this one simple step you will radically change the way you eat and therefore radically change how you feel. Whole foods are free of additives, preservatives, dyes and flavorings.

When food is refined much of its nutritional value and flavor are stripped away. This makes the product lighter, sweeter, easier to chew, and creates longer shelf lives. For example: white flour has had the nutrient rich germ and bran parts removed and at times even includes a whitening agent.

Whole Foods include: whole grains, dried beans, fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, and fresh meat, poultry and fish.

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Fresh Organic Foods and Clean Water

Organic fresh foods have more minerals, richer flavor and are more energetically alive. 

While there may be times when we use canned, frozen, or past their time foods aim to include mostly fresh ingredients whenever you can. Remember - Freshly cooked foods are more full of vitality immediately after cooking. Beans, most grains, seaweed, some spices, sweeteners, and seeds remain fresh for a year or more when properly stored but nuts can become quickly rancid.

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The most important foods when buying organic? If you prefer to transition slowly to more organic food -  start with commercial meat, dairy, oils, nuts, seeds, and grains because toxins concentrate in fatty acids.

Clean water is essential. It provides detoxification, lubrication and assimilation. Water has been considered medicine in many medical systems and has been highly revered. Use a filtration system and avoid plastic bottles to access the full vitality of this life giving substance.

Water tip: consuming water before eating limits digestive fire (esp. cold water). Instead drink water upon waking and between meals.

Regular Cleansing and Eating Seasonal and Regional Foods

Cleansing has always been a natural part of the human diet. We naturally cleanse when we eat with the seasons because at some times of the year more cleansing food is available than others. And when we eat with the seasons we come into balance with our natural environment.

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Today it is often necessary to cleanse and detox in a more focused way because we are exposed to extreme levels of toxins through our food, water, air, cosmetics, cleaning products, plastics, and household products.

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