Yin Yoga Sequence for the Whole Body

Within our yin yoga practice we can practice sequences of poses that directly target a specific area of the body. While each pose affects many areas of the body at the same time, we can combine the poses in a sequence to emphasize a specific action.

Whole Body Yin Yoga Sequence

This yin yoga sequence is designed to be a well rounded practice that targets a variety of areas in the body instead of just focusing on one. Use this practice when you’re not sure what area of the body you’d like to focus on, or alternate this practice with other practices that emphasize more specific actions or areas.

Yin yoga is the practice of holding postures in a passive way over time. This passive pressure on the tissues leads to greater flexibility and energetic circulation. Learn more about yin yoga and the benefits of yin yoga here.

Yin Yoga Sequence for the Whole Body:

** Hold poses between 3-5 min. depending on your ability

Dragon Pose (one side)

Sleeping Swan Pose (one side, then go back to dragon pose on the other side)


I hope you enjoy the sequence! Let me know in the comments if you tried it out and what you discovered :)

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