Yin Yoga Practice Video : Wall Yin Yoga

Today’s video is a yin yoga practice on the wall. Using the wall is a great way to support the body if you’re feeling fatigued, or if you’re looking for a very gentle practice. Using the wall is also helpful if you or your students have some physical barriers that limit mobility in seated yin yoga poses.

Parts of this practice could be considered more “restorative” due to the very supported nature of the poses. But if you’re feeling a “stretch”, or feeling gentle pressure in the body, that means you’re still activating the connective tissues which is a central tenant in the yin yoga style of practice.

In any case, you can use this practice to slow down and calm the nervous system, or to support tired legs and feet. Check out the video to practice along:

If you’re unfamiliar with yin yoga learn more here.

During a yin yoga practice we hold postures (mostly on the floor) in a very passive and receptive way. We settle into a posture and rest in a place where we feel some sensation. This tells us we are putting healthy stress on the tissue which creates circulation and resilience in the joint sites and fascia.

Once we’ve established the depth of the pose that is right for today, we relax the muscles, and hold the posture for anywhere between 2-5min usually.

Beyond activating the physical layer of the body, yin yoga and a practice of longer holds gives us more time to focus on internal practices such as meditation and contemplation.

I hope you enjoy!

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