China Trip: The First Week

Chinese Medicine

It has been almost a week since I left my beautiful home of Vitoria BC and ventured into an exploration of one of the places my medicine is rooted. In December 2012 I completed classes for my doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine.It has been a journey totaling almost 7 years! I have been fortunate enough to be practicing part time privately for the last number of years while I was finishing this final level of study.

To complete my formal TCM training (the learning will never stop for a health nerd like me) I have traveled to Shen Yang, a city in North Eastern China, and will spend the next 2 months interning at Liaoning University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will be observing senior level doctors and rotating through departments in a very busy and very big hospital affiliated with the University.

Chinese Medicine

The first week has been exciting as I settle into the routine at the hospital, meet our wonderful interpreters, and make my way around the city (trying to find vegetarian food!).

This campus has over 10 000 students all studying TCM. I am staying in the international student residence which is full of students from around the world - including Nigeria, Korea, Nepal, Thailand, the U.S, Mongolia and Russia.

I will continue to update this blog whenever I can. Thank you so much for tuning in! Much love.....

Chinese Medicine
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