4 Quick Ways to Support Yourself through Self Care

self care

Daily sadhana (practice) can be a way to connect with what is truly important. Taking time every day to center and find some stillness in our lives is a wonderful way to nourish our body, mind and spirit. Almost all activities can be done as a mindfulness or spiritual practice when done with presence and intention. Here are a few methods I have found helpful and I hope you will too.  

Time in Nature

Here on the west coast we are blessed with a mild climate and access to the ocean air. The negative ions that are found inconcentrated amounts in ocean air help us to feel more at peace and grounded. Regardless of where we live spending time surrounded by trees, off pavement, and breathing in fresh air allows us to unplug from our busy lives and ingest much needed vitality in the form of Qi or prana.  

Skin Brushing and Massage

Taking time to care for our bodies using high quality natural products is another way we can remind ourselves we are loved.

During bathing using a scrub and loofa to exfoliate the skin helps the natural detoxification process and leaves your skin radiant. Scrub the body starting at the feet and moving towards the heart. Use circular motions or long sweeping motions.  

Almond Oil and Essential Oils

Gently massage your entire body using a natural almond oil if your skin is feeling dry from the winter season. Take time over areas that feel a little sore paying special attention to the feet and hands. Mix the carrier oil (almond oil) with a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or geranium to create a balancing treatment with a nice scent. You can also add them to a warm bath. Visualize tension releasing from your mind and body.  Learn more about self massage here.


The complete breath cleanses the blood and calms the nervous system.

Lie comfortably on your back. Breath slowly and rhythmically. Concentrate on creating a smooth continuous flow of air. On the inhale begin by filling the lower part of your lungs. Continue to inhale filling the midsection of the body and finish by filling the top part of the lungs. Hold the breath for a moment and then allow the exhale to release slowly in reverse order.  


Spend time every day recognizing what you are grateful for. Gratitude has the power to drastically alter our relationship to life.

Every evening before bed make a list of the small or big things that you experienced in the day that made you smile. You can also list people in your life and past experiences you have had. When we consciously acknowledge positivity in our lives we actually alter our brain chemistry and we begin to notice the positive more often.   

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