Seasonal Cycles :: Open into Spring

Many wisdom and medical systems looked to the natural world as a way to find balance. Right now in the northern hemisphere the sprouts will soon be bursting through the rich dark soil. The spring is time we can find clarity around our direction and vision, we can invite more creativity into our lives, and we can release stuck emotional patterns. During the spring there is a gradual moving up and out. Spring is time when we move from the internal focus of winter to the expansiveness of summer.

Chinese Medicine and Spring:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this season is related to the wood element and the Liver and Gallbladder. Liver energy can become stagnated with stress (especially emotional stress), intoxicants and too much rich or denatured food. When the Liver is stagnant we may experience problems with our emotional life, menstrual cycles, eyes, and tendons. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and when Qi is not moving we feel stuck.

So in order to support the natural movement of the Liver we can eat lighter during this time of year. Eating a cleansing diet of more fresh young plants, sprouts and greens can be helpful. Just be sure to go slow with raw foods -- they are harder to digest. If you experience loose stools or trouble with digestion minimize raw and cold foods. We can also eat a bit more sweet and pungent foods to attune to the natural cycles.

Spring is definitely a great time to do a cleanse. You can focus on eliminating heavier more congesting foods like bread products, dairy, alcohol, and sugar and instead focus on juicing and adding sprouts and green algae like spirulina and blue green algae.

On a lifestyle level this is a great time of year to evaluate what we are shedding from the winter and how to move toward our goals. Its also a great time of year to get active, move our body, and express our creativity.

Let me know in the comments below what is one thing you do this time of year to come into balance with the season? You can also check out my wood element yin yoga video. Its a perfect compliment to this time of year. Thank you so much for watching and happy spring.   

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