Seasonal Cycles :: Deepen into Winter

Chinese Medicine, The Winter and the Water Element

The winter really asks that we quiet the mind and heart so that we can listen to the calling of our souls. This is a time where receptivity and reflection reach its furthest extreme. It is a time of building potency. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this season is related to the water element and Kidney energy. Kidney energy can become depleted with stress, over stimulation, and overwork. And so during this time of year it is especially important to rest and rejuvenate and nourish new seeds of potential that are germinating. This is also a wonderful time of year to focus on more internal practices such as meditation and contemplation.

In our diet we should be eating a more warming and building diet. Foods like hearty soups, whole grains, roasted nuts, dried foods, seaweeds, and steamed winter greens all function to nourish and warm the body. You can eat a bit more salty and bitter flavors like miso soup, and seaweeds this time of year. But if you feel overly sluggish and have a hard time motivating reduce those flavors and set up a schedule where you are staying active and engaged. This is especially true if you have a kapha constitution.

If you’d like to do a cleanse or detox this time of year its not generally advised to do a juice fast or something with a lot of raw food. Instead use broths and teas as a way to give your body a break from digestion. You can even do a simple diet of steamed vegetables, grains, miso soup and seaweeds. And especially if you live in a cold place make use of saunas, steams and get a message to support you.

Let me know in the comments below what is one thing you do this time of year to come into balance with the season? Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy this rich deep time of year.   

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