Pickled Ginger Carrots

My team and I recently completed another Yoga Cleanse Retreat here on Vancouver Island. We had an amazing time full of laughter!

During my cleansing retreats, we enjoy delicious freshly made juices, which means multiple fridges packed with veggies! It's always a little hard to gauge how much juice we'll be making throughout our time together and this year, in particular, we ended up with a lot of unused vegetables! That meant we needed to get creative and try a few new recipes so that we could continue to enjoy all the beautiful fresh veg without it going to waste.

Today I'd like to share a recipe with you that I first found on Phickle. I used their recipe for the extra carrots and ginger we had remianing from the last retreat. I love the bright color of these guys and they've turned out super yummy! They're a little tangy and just the right amount of crunchy. 

pickled carrots

Pickled Carrots with Ginger


  • 20 large well-cleaned carrots 
  • 7 inches of sliced ginger
  • 3 tablespoons sea salt
  • 3 cups of room temp. water


  • Cut the carrots into matchstick shapes. 
  • Place carrot and ginger sticks into your jar.
  • Dissolve salt into water and pour it over the carrots.
  • There are a number of ways to weigh the carrots down. I used smaller glass jars full of water placed on top of the carrots. NOTE: Make sure the carrots stay under the water the entire time otherwise bad bacteria will flourish and ruin your ferment!
  • Allow the carrots to sit at room temperature. After that taste and enjoy! Place extra in the fridge for future snacks.
pickled carrots
pickled carrots

Let me know in the comments below if you tried the recipe and what you think. 

And look out next week for the cinnamon pear jam I made from the cases of unused pears!

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