China Trip: Pediatrics, Neurology and Herbal Medicine

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Throughout my time here at Liaoning University and Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine I have been rotating through many departments observing senior doctors assess, diagnose and treat. These last few weeks I had the opportunity to spend time in the Neurology and Pediatrics department.


Spending time in the Neurology department was perfect for me because we saw conditions such as headaches, migraines,  cerebrovascular diseases, dizziness, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This is very relevant for me as my private practice comprises many patients working with similar issues.

We also saw patients with diabetes, rickets, nerve disorders, circulation problems, amnesia, high cholesterol, facial spasms, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhages, and myasthania gravis.

Dr. Wang took the time to discuss the pulse and tongue diagnosis of most patients and was always happy to discuss cases and share gems of wisdom. This is helpful because the art of Chinese Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis is a skill that practitioners develop over a lifetime!



In Pediatrics, we encountered lots of sweet little ones!! I truly loved spending time in this department. I was struck by the care and love families have for one another. This department was a bit of a zoo at times but we managed to see many many children with concerns ranging from cough, common cold, rashes, allergies, fever, bronchitis, asthma, constipation, diarrhea,  mouth sores, and epilepsy - to name only a few!!

Children generally respond very well to TCM treatment - even more so than adults. In this department most children's disorders were treated using herbal and western medicine and very little acupuncture was used. We did however, see a few brave little souls who were undergoing a round of acupuncture.

I found this department very inspiring and I intend on bringing this back to my private practice where I plan on increasing my involvement in pediatric medicine.

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The Herbal Dispensary

The herbal dispensary at the hospital has been my favorite experience thus far. I am a total herbal medicine geek and am completely enamored by the complexity and promise that herbal medicine offers. While I have had the opportunity to work with many herbs and in sizable dispensaries -- I have never been in one this HUGE and busy!

Check out the short video to see for yourself:

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The journey continues..........   

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