NEW Mindful Yin Yoga Video: Wood Element

I finally get to announce my new yin yoga video!! Check out a little clip here. My last yin yoga video I posted for free and it has received over 70,000 views on different platforms. I regularly get notes from folks who use the video at home and who have been benefiting from the practice. It is just so awesome to know so many people are enjoying it and getting use out of it. If you haven't seen my free yin video yet sign up here.

So that's why I created a new video. This yin yoga sequence focuses on the hips and the "wood" element according the Chinese Medicine.  The video was professionally shot in the forests of beautiful west coast BC Canada. It includes 2 downloads - the first download has the full audio and video, and the second version has only the video with limited audio so that you can practice over and over again without getting bored of my instructions.

I love everything about this video -- the filming, the soft music and the scenery. I think you'll enjoy it too :)

Purchase MINDFUL YIN YOGA: WOOD ELEMENT VIDEO here. By purchasing this video you help me to continue offering you lots of free videos and articles.

I truly hope you will find this video of benefit and do not hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. Enjoy!

And if you want to deepen your study of yin yoga you can check out my Mindful Yin Yoga Online Training.

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