The Health Trick Everyone is Trying

green juice

The secret to super powerful health is in the pH of your body. Your beautiful body operates optimally if it has a slightly alkaline pH. In fact it is designed to function within a very narrow pH range. Even small changes to your bodies pH can create havoc. Our bodies are constantly dealing with acidity from various processes including respiration and cellular breakdown but its when we add to this acidic condition with stress and a bad diet that we start to encounter problems.

Unhealthy cells, viruses, bacteria and fungus prefer an acidic environment whereas healthy cells thrive in an alkaline environment. Higher acidity in your body can lead to all sorts of imbalances and chronic illness including acne, eczema, arthritis, a weak immune system and IBS to name just a few.

A diet that emphasizes foods that are rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium help to support the body and neutralize acids in order to keep the blood at a constant alkaline level.

So how to increase alkalinity?

Chlorophyll and positivity.

By eating lots of fresh green foods and decreasing stress by doing more of what makes you happy -- including rest and time for laughter -- you ensure your body has plenty of alkalizing power.

Following are a list of some of the most acidic and alkalizing foods. Remember - some foods are more acidic than others and balance is needed. Just try to eat more alkaline than acid and you'll be set.

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