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Today I'd like to let you know about a few new resources I've created for you!

These free downloadable pdf's include information on nutrition, herbal medicine, and yoga to help up-level your health and wellbeing.

Choose one or download them all! I hope you enjoy :)

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Free Downloadable Ideas for teaching yin yoga

Need some ideas to enliven your yin yoga?

Sign up and receive guidance on using meridians and acupressure points, suggestions for using the breath when you teach yin, and tips for offering Mindfulness during yin yoga class.

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Free Downloadable Ideas for Stress Relief

Feeling stressed, fatigued, or overwhelmed?

Learn about four adaptogen herbs that can help you de-stress. Download the tip sheet and learn my top four herbal choices for stress and what stress relieving herb is right for you.

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The Myo-Fascial Planes of the Body.png

Myo-Fascial Planes in Yoga Email Series

5 Day Email Series

The Myo-fascial planes are a wonderful way to understand how movement, including asana (yoga postures), affect the physical structure of the body. The planes also provide a helpful map in understanding how to use body mechanics and movement, therapeutically, to address specific imbalances.

Follow along as I explore the anatomy and energetics of the "myo-fascial" lines.

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Free Downloadable Tip Sheet for Digestive Health

Sensitive digestion? Bloating? Gas?

Download the guide on digestion and learn how to eliminate foods that could be triggering an inflammatory response, how to re-inoculate the gut with good bacteria and a herbal remedy to strengthen your digestive Qi.

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