Teacher Interview :: Dr. Saraswati


You may know I have many passions that I integrate into my work and life. I find combining the ancient practices of yoga, breath work, and meditation with an understanding of health and imbalance based on Chinese Medicine equals a powerful system of healing.

In today's interview I speak with Dr.Saraswati who's also interested in combining these systems for powerful healing potential.

Dr.Saraswati works primarily with women and we get into some interesting areas of discussion. We discuss some great practices for women who are experiencing menopausal changes and practices for women of all ages who want to keep their hormonal health at optimum. We even chat a bit about yoga for fertility. And if you're a teacher we discuss some great practices you can use in your classes. 

I hope you enjoy!

AUDIO Interview:

Please leave us a comment in the box below the video. I would love to hear from you. Tell me -- is there a practice you've found that helps you come into balance when you're feeling out of sorts?

You can visit Dr. Saraswati at her site nourishinglife.com

(NOTE - this post was originally published in 2014 and was re-posted and updated Jan.2018 )

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