What to Eat for Breakfast?

"Break - fast" is the first meal after fasting all night. Breakfast helps the body and mind to function for the rest of the day. And one of the easiest ways to boost the metabolism is to eat a healthy breakfast.  Too many people skip breakfast! Plan your breakfast the night before and make sure your kitchen is clean so that when you wake up in the morning breakfast is that much easier.

A Few Quick Breakfast Ideas:

  • Start with whole grains (rice, millet, buckwheat, kasha, barley, whole rye, bulghur, amaranth, quinoa, wheat berries, spelt or kamut). Or make porridge from oat flakes, cornmeal, spelt flakes, kamut flakes, or creamed rice cereal. Top with fruit like berries, apples, peaches, or plums (raw, cooked, blended, sliced or mashed), nuts and seeds (such as almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, or pecans), flavors (cinnamon, vanilla extract nutmeg, fennel or anise) and any extras like rice or almond milk, flax, hemp or coconut oil.
  • Hard boiled eggs with steamed kale, left over cooked quinoa and some fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut
  • Bowl of fruit with raw soaked almonds
  • Leftover salmon with steamed greens
  • Miso soup with steamed greens
  • Leftover beans and grains wrapped in a lettuce leaf or tortilla
  • Toasted rice bread or rice crackers with almond or cashew butter and apricot jam and a green smoothie
  • Leftover tempeh with cooked vegetables
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