The Life Changing Power of Ayurveda

My dear friend and Ayurvedic practitioner Talya Lutzker, asked me to speak in her online wisdom interview series all about Ayurveda recently. We had a lovely conversation all about how to find more consistency, calming and grounding in your life. Talya is a total gem, and I'm happy to share the interview with you here!

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Ayurveda and the genuine difference it’s making in people’s lives. Ayurveda is not just the latest fad. It's a time-tested system from ancient India, and its rising popularity comes at a needed time. A time when our society is desperate for more accessible, honest health care.

In this interview we discuss:

  • ways that Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda address fatigue, insomnia, and blood pressure issues

  • the key to consistency

  • simple everyday activities you can do to create calm and grounding

  • using adaptogen herbs to overcome stress and overwhelm
  • how to let go of self-care as another item on the to-do list

  • and so much more!