A Beautiful New Video Series about Health Care in Nepal

In 2011 I volunteered with a wonderful organization called the Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) providing primary medical care in rural Nepal. It was a life changing opportunity. I gained unparalleled experience in the field in addition to being provided the space to grow as a person and practitioner.  

Feel free to view my Case Study Research Paper from my time at the clinic or the Acupuncture Relief Project Research Paper of compiled case studies from that year.

Since I volunteered in Nepal the Acupuncture Relief Project has expanded its reach and impact. Most recently film maker Tristan Stoch created a series of 7 short videos highlighting the work being done in Nepal by ARP.  Check out the first 2 videos in the series below and if you'd like to watch more head to the compassion connects youtube channel

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the beautiful work of this organization. If you'd like to get more involved head to their website for more info. 

I'll see you next week!