A Free Course for You! A Month of Mindfulness

We live in a world that is increasingly fast paced and full of distraction. It's not easy to sit down and develop awareness, especially when there are a million other things calling for your attention.

The practice of mindfulness helps you return to the NOW. It's a way to press pause and appreciate the world around you. The word “mindfulness” comes from the Pali word Sati which is usually translated as “present moment awareness”. The word sati originates in the Buddhist tradition.

This practice is experiential. It offers transformation through participatory observation. Mindfulness is not a passive state. Instead, we aim to be fully present for whatever is arising in the moment.

Mindfulness of the body is the first foundation of mindfulness and is a very important aspect of mindfulness practice. It can help you feel more grounded and present and it can provide a place to return to as you develop other meditation and awareness techniques.

Mindfulness can be practiced through formal meditation and during our daily life. It can practiced throughout your day, but in this audio meditation we'll be working with the practice in formal meditation.

Find a comfortable position with your spine upright. Relax your body and remain at ease. For today's practice place your attention on your body. Observe the sensations in your body.

Follow along with the guided practice below: 

Starting or maintaining a mindfulness practice can be difficult. Especially if you're trying to go it alone without much guidance. So I created a free course for you to deepen and develop your practice!

To sign up for the full month of free guided mindfulness audios and journal ideas you can go straight to  "A Month of Mindfulness". You’ll also find some helpful downloadable journal exercises in the course that will help you to build on the practices.

Hope to see you over in the free course:  "A Month of Mindfulness"!

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