A Meditation for You

audio meditation

Do you ever feel like you need to just pause? I know I do. When I first began practicing yoga the "pause" provided almost immediate positive results. I felt a shift in my life.... in my mind..... and in my heart. This "pause" can be an essential tool to stay sane in this crazy busy world. Even though it takes time and dedication ..... (yes those excuses are alive and well for me too!) it actually helps us to be more present, get more done, and generally enjoy life more. It is also very beneficial for our hormonal, immune and nervous systems.

Sometimes we just need some down time.  In fact, setting aside a quiet time every day to reflect can be a deeply transformative practice.

I find that combining quiet time with a movement practice that helps me to sink into my body and out of my head is especially helpful.

I challenge you to find the time this week to pause. For 5 or 10 min. first thing in the morning or in the evening before going to bed feel your breath, and notice your body. Notice the urge to fill the moment with something. Allow things to settle.

Below I have included a short 15 min. meditation for guidance. Click on the link to download.

Find a quiet space, lay down on your back and sink into the stillness.

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