China Trip: 1500 Needles

Chinese Medicine
 "To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom one must observe"
- Marilyn vos Savant
Chinese Medicine

So far we have been spending time in the in-patient rehabilitation section of the hospital observing the very skillful Dr. Li. Acupuncture looks a little different here than my treatments at home.... (to say the least!) Dr. Li usually needles quite deeply and uses fairly heavy stimulation - this is partly due to the severity of cases we have been seeing.

Chinese Medicine

Patients receive multiple treatments in different areas of the hospital in one day - including gua sha, cupping, moxibustion and electrical stimulation of points. Their treatment plans include 10 acupuncture treatments before reassessment.

Some conditions we have seen regularly are stroke, slipped lumbar disks, cervical pain, Bell's Palsey, cerebral hemorrhages, trigeminal nerve pain and urinary difficulty.Many patients are experiencing some level of paralysis or loss of mobility.

Chinese Medicine

We have been seeing over 60 patients daily. Dr. Li goes through at least 1500 needles every day.

This woman amazes me. A true healer.

With over 30 years experience she stays totally present with every patient that comes through that door -- even with all the moods, preferences and demands that are imposed on her. I watched a number of times as her energy totally shifted within minutes of treating a joyful young person to a severely ill elderly person. She did this over and over again -- and when she needed a rest she made herself some tea and watched people out the window for a while.

Dr. Li is highly respected by her students and patients. I am so happy we had the time to watch such a busy treatment room in action.

Next week we will be changing departments - stay tuned for out - patient care.

Chinese Medicine
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